BoatTEST’s Review of the 27 is Here!

We are excited to announce that BoatTEST has published an official performance review of the Draco 27. This video goes into incredible detail about the D27, from minimum plane speed to deck fittings. If you’re unable to do an in-person test drive, this video is a great way to familiarize yourself with our boats.

DRACO Appoints New Distributor for Poland

We are very proud to announce our new cooperation with SKYBOAT for the Polish market. SKYBOAT is a professional yacht dealer situated in Gdynia, Poland, and their main goal is to provide luxury boats for private customers. SKYBOAT also successfully represent WINDY in Poland and by adding another strong brand to their portfolio we are convinced we will enjoy same …

Attention to details

Why do we pay so much attention to details? So that you can experience the effortless sensation of thoroughbred in motion. Draco is one of the most iconic names in Scandinavian boatbuilding. Designed and styled by the world-famous yacht designer, Ed Dubois, and precision-crafted by Windy.

The Indomitable Spirit of Draco

Kåre Drangsholt founded Draco Boats in the late 1960s in Flekkefjord, a small town in southern Norway. Kåre was known for his ambition, drive and passion for boats. An enthusiastic sailor in his youth, Kåre later developed an interest in motorboats. He saw almost unlimited potential and possibilities in the medium, and with his equally ambitious wife Vibeke, he followed …