“A legend in his own time” - The Daily Telegraph


Ed Dubois’ influence on the world of boating is truly synonymous with “luxury yachts”. The designer steered Dubois Naval Architects to produce some of the finest and technically advanced boats on the planet. Including ours.

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Eye on Dual Console

Retro-styling, luxurious amenities, powerful performance. Our Draco Day Cruisers are definitely…unique.

We like to think of our Draco family of dual-console boats as akin to small super yachts – lending extraordinary fit and finish to the under-thirty-foot, outboard-driven, powerboat market. Stern to bow, port to starboard and everywhere in between, you’ll find meticulous attention to detail. From the distinctive hull inspired by retro boats to hand-stitched upholstery from Europe’s leading outdoor textile manufacturer, every corner has been thoughtfully considered. Custom stainless-steel fittings, hand-laid teak decks and an “anytime” fendering system makes docking easy and stress-free. Simply put, the Draco mission is to deliver a retro-inspired runabout with style and performance in spades.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Take a test drive, and discover for yourself, the power and beauty of a Draco dual-console boat.


Windy Boats

Knut Heiberg-Andersen

Executive Chairman

I met Ed in 2006, when Windy was looking to launch a new generation of powerboats. His impeccable vision and design language combined with his grace and work ethic were just what we needed to introduce a range of innovative European boats to the world.

Together, Dubois and Windy launched two critically-acclaimed models, the Windy 39 Camira and the Draco 27 along with its smaller sibling, the Draco 22, opening the door to new markets—and an ocean’s worth of possibilities.

For this, we are extremely grateful and will forever cherish Ed’s extraordinary contributions to Draco and the world of modern boat design.

Knut Heiberg-Andersen